51 Ways to Help Your Social Media Manager CRUSH IT!

How to communicate with your social media manager to get the best results.

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Rhino Pros Digital Marketing Review: It’s a really good book with really good advice and insight. I mean, she used us as a reference so this lady must have it going on right?”

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5.0 out of 5 stars excellent! April 15, 2014
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Should be essential reading for anyone looking to engage a social media manager! Quick, easy read with lots of links for more I depth information.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Tips for any Small Business April 14, 2014

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Shawndra did a great job with this quick read. Definitely a resource I would us and something I would give to my clients.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great April 14, 2014

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All the tools you need to run your business in the social world. Now if I will just implement them :)

Buy your copy of 51 Ways to Help Your Social Media Manger CRUSH IT! on Amazon.

Introduction for 51 Ways 

Managing social media for a business is damn hard, regardless if you are the owner or hired by one to handle their online presence.

Psssh…..How can you say social media is hard? Anyone can create a Facebook page and type a few words to create a status update.

In the most basic way, you’re right. Creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, or a profile on any of the social media networks is easy—they’re designed to have a low barrier of access. But if you’re trying to accomplish goals with your social media, like increase sales, engage with your audience, and give your biggest fans a platform to sing your praises, then social media becomes a whole lot more challenging.

And social media never sleeps.

Managing your or someone else’s online presence could literally be a 24/7 job. Global big brands like Coca-Cola and Nike have people working around the clock on their social media presence (or if they don’t, they should). Even a single, small, brick-and-mortar retail shop could technically spend all day and night on social media because somewhere, someone is talking about something that relates to their industry.

Statistics show that social media managers typically only last two years or less working on a brand. Why? Think about it. You have to come up with new, clever, interesting content every single day, while engaging fans but also resulting in more sales for the company.

It’s a delicate dance between putting the customer first and showing concrete results to yourself or your client. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous to speculate about the value of social media at this point. Just look to those big brands and the value is obvious. They wouldn’t be on social media unless it worked. And now, your customers (or the company’s you work for) expect that all companies have a robust social media presence, just like their favorite big brands. If Nike responds within 24 hours to a tweet or Facebook message, then that customer expects your small business to respond just as fast.

But responding within 24 hours isn’t enough. Great stuff can happen if you connect with a user in the moment. For example, if you’re a restaurant in Savannah (my home) and a tourist tweets:

5:51pm: “Looking for a good place for dinner tonight in #Savannah. Where should we try?”

If you respond the next day to that tweet, you’ve missed an opportunity. But if you respond within a few minutes, you can entice that person to come to your restaurant, maybe offer to make a reservation for them or offer them $1 off a drink or appetizer if they come in. A small gesture can go a long way, and all it takes is you monitoring your city’s hashtag.

And guess who’s the perfect person to do this for you? Your host or hostess. Stick an iPad on their stand, create a free account with Hootsuite, and tell them to monitor your city’s hashtag periodically. Of course, they shouldn’t ignore in-the-flesh customers walking in the door to chat on Twitter with maybe-they’ll-come-in folks, but when they’re standing there just waiting around, they could be helping to drive people to your location instead. This strategy would work at most location-specific businesses.

“But I own/work for a service based, online, or some other type of business.”

Great! Social media can still be one of your business’s best friends. Monitor hashtags that are relevant to your industry and jump into conversations. Join tweet chats. Highlight events, trends, etc. that relate to your business and/or that appeal to your target audience. Monitoring certain hashtags is a no-brainer.

But what else can you as a business owner do to help your social media manager, even if that’s you? 

As the voice of dozens of businesses over the years, I’m writing this for all the people behind the profiles. The ones you’ve hired that treat your business like their own. They want you to succeed. They love growing your number of true fans. They get excited when a journalist or editor interacts with your brand because it might lead to a story down the road.

And if you manage your own social media, then this will help you be more helpful to yourself.

Either way, managing your social media is about to get a whole lot easier.

Happy socializing!


Buy your copy of 51 Ways to Help Your Social Media Manger CRUSH IT! on Amazon.