Our Mission:

We help overwhelmed business owners execute smart, engaging social media strategies and provide compelling content that will get people talking about your brand. Our philosophy is grounded in unmarketing and youtility concepts where listening and connecting–not megaphoning–are our guiding principals. Our approach stems from our backgrounds as writers and editors, not marketers, and we rely on storytelling and one-to-one connections over blasting out self-serving, sales-oriented messaging. We honor the long-term value of each customer and seek out our clients’ biggest fans to make their voices heard and show appreciation for their loyalty. 

Our Successes:

Have helped countless business from billion dollar company Snyder’s of Hanover to local retail shops, and Shawndra being hired to teach social media courses to graduate students, small groups, and CEOs.

So where are you in your business?

New Business: We will create a strategy for you that will guide you to success with analysis of competitors, sample posts, topics and more, all customized for you.

Growing Business: We will assess your previous social media and online marketing efforts with a detailed audit that also compares you to your competition. We will also train your staff so everyone can get on the same page and help maximize your company’s online presence.

Established Business: Things are solid with your company, but you want to hand over your social media and digital marketing to us to free up more time for you to run your business and build key relationships that will take your business to the next level.

Aspiring Social Media Manager: You want to grow your own six-figure writing and social media business in under two years, and you want to learn from us how. We’ll show you the ropes and help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made along the way so you can get there smarter and faster than we did!

Contact us today at shawndra@shawndrarussell.com we’ll even throw in a free Facebook audit so you can get a taste of the results you can expect us to deliver. Even if you decide not to hire us, you will gain valuable tips and insights into the way your company is being perceived on Facebook.

Non-work stuff about owner Shawndra Russell

Craft beer geek. Travel buff. Believes everyone should have careers they love. Buy Local advocate. Obsessed with Shark Tank because startups and entrepreneurs are freaking awesome. Good Will Hunting and When Harry Met Sally are my favorite movies because analyzing what makes people tick is one of my hobbies. Type A. Dinner parties are a slice of heaven. I would ride rollercoasters every day if I could. Ski Black Diamonds even though my skills aren’t all the way there yet. Volleyball player. Ohio born and bred; the Browns break my heart every year but I still love them. Wildly enthusiastic. Loud. Epic conversation starter.