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These books and ecourses came from thousands of hours serving dozens of different clients of all sizes and shapes and discovering that they all wanted the same thing: to grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest shoe company in the world or own a small deli in your hometown, selling more of whatever it is you sell is the bottom line. So, some tactics that work for the deli also work for the shoe company and vice versa because people want to connect with other people. And the only way to build those connections is one moment by one moment, one person at a time. If someone has a bad experience during any time of their interaction with you–from sending you a tweet to researching your website to a rude cashier at your store–then that one connection is broken, most likely forever. But every positive interaction someone has with your business multiples quickly thanks to social media. So, I compiled what I’ve learned into step-by-step guides that will help you grow your digital footprint in just a few minutes a day.

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*51 Ways to Help Your Social Media Manager Crush It!
*Start Today: Social Employee Advocacy Program
*Start Today: DIY Social Media Program for Small Businesses

On Amazon you’ll also find my two fiction titles, Couple Friends and Keepsakes. They both deal with love, loss, and relationships just as my author heroes Nora Ephron, Emily Giffin, and Candace Bushnell.

Lastly, How to Become a Freelance Writer in 30 Days is the summation of how I got on this wild entrepreneurial ride as a service provider for other businesses that writes in her free time. Click the “Add to Cart” button to get your copy.
Become a Freelance Writer in 30 Days
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