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You know how you couple up and think that you’re done with the dating scene? Actually, you just enter a new dating game: searching for compatible couple friends. Narrators Kieran and Tyler take turns sharing this story about adultery, divorce, career struggles, and baby pressures that force each person to decide who they should leave in the past, and who should be part of their futures. Set in Savannah, Georgia.


Become a Freelance Writer in 30 Days, Winter 2013

Savannah Social Media, Spring 2013


Keepsakes, early 2013

Set in Chicago, a group of friends try to help main character Gabe deal with the shock of his wife leaving for Italy to take part in a 6-month artist residency that she informed him about fifteen minutes before leaving for the airport. Oh, and she wants a divorce.

Sneak Peek

“You’re moving to ITALY? And you want a DIVORCE?”
“Yes,” she said quietly.
“What about ‘til death do us part?” he yelled.
“Didn’t that mean anything to you?”
“Of course it did. But this means more.”
“How can it mean more than us?”
“Because it does.”
“I don’t understand Bridgette. When did this happen?”
“I applied for the artist’s residency on a whim about six months ago and was notified I’d won a spot a couple months after that.”
“So you’ve known for four months and didn’t tell me?”
“I’m sorry, Gabe. I thought this would be easier.”

At that moment, he heard a car horn. What else could he say? She had her bags packed, her one-way flight booked, and her mind set. She was going to Italy to look at masterpieces, paint masterpieces, be surrounded by greatness. Apparently, she didn’t think Gabe was all that great anymore. Apparently, she thought he was holding her back from her true potential, ability, and creativity. Apparently, she was a cold, heartless bitch.

Teacheritis, currently being written for 2012’s NaNoWriMo, to be released late 2013