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Blog Break!

So…I have blogged every day since January 16, 2011 (not too shabby, right?!) and have decided to give myself a break because I have┬áseveral HUGE deadlines looming plus a few small deadlines all due in early September…which is crazy considering that is when we have two sets of out-of-town guests coming in (can you say […]


Hey everyone, Just had to let you know that we have someone interested in publishing our book! Nothing is finalized yet, but good things are happening!!! As my facebook status says, keep your fingers, toes, and anything else you can cross, crossed for us!!! I will keep you posted (I just made a pun!). For […]

School Sundays-Three Day Weekends

Three day weekends are so crucial for teachers and students to keep our sanity, and they always come at the perfect time–just when we think we can’t take it anymore, a break comes, and we get that mental and emotional escape. People always say that they are jealous of my schedule, but the reality is, […]