As we barrel toward 2016, it’s time to stop and reflect on what your business accomplished online. It’s time to ask:

  • What stories did you tell through online outlets in 2014 and so far in 2015?
  • What stories did your customers/clients share about your business in 2014/2015?
  • What opportunities did you miss online?
  • What kind of persona does your business have online?
  • How can you make some adjustments to your social media strategy and execution to reach your 2015 end-of-year goals and 2016 goals?

By investing in a digital audit and strategy, you will get the answers to these questions and a lot more.

What’s a digital audit?

Cost: $500

I will take a look at your online marketing efforts for 2015–every Facebook post, tweet, your website, your online listings–as well as those of your competitors. You’ll get tons of recommendations and learn about missed opportunities that you can capitalize on moving forward. Think of it as a check-up for the health of your business online, which is the most visible and often first impression that many people have of your company.

What do I get with a 2016 social media/online strategy?

Cost: $750

I create a roadmap that you can implement yourself so you can¬†maximize your social media efforts and stop feeling lost and overwhelmed. With an online strategy you’ll get:

  • Sample posts
  • Your ideal company persona and target audience defined and fleshed out
  • A list of the profiles of like-minded companies that you should be interacting with
  • Other recommendations to help you shape the digital voice of your company and land you more business whether your B2B or B2C.

We also offer:

  • One-one-one training (price varies)
  • Group training/workshops to train your staff and leverage their networks (price varies)
  • One-hour consultations for $150
  • Live event coverage¬†(price varies)
  • Blogging (price range $75-125)
  • Newsletter writing and distribution (hourly rate of $60)
  • Web and marketing copy (hourly rate of $60)

Define your goals for 2016 and invest in a strategy now so you can maximize your online presence every single day this year.

Contact me at so we can get started or if you have any questions.