Who You Are

5 Traits of Our Clients:

1. You believe in the power of social media and understand that having a strong digital presence is essential for future-proofing your business.

2. You recognize that social should be used as an engagement tool, not a place to constantly toot your own horn (although, we can help you do that in less annoying ways!).

3. You want to provide your customers with helpful content that they actually want to read and share.

4. You realize that social is more trackable than traditional marketing and demands thorough reporting and analytics; however, you also realize that the existing tools aren’t always able to provide the total impact because a Facebook post someone saw a month ago could make them visit your website or walk into your store, and it’s sometimes difficult to follow those breadcrumbs.

5. You see the value in working together to create a robust, thriving online presence for your company, including getting your employees, friends and family involved as brand advocates.