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The Best Version of Me

I’ve long known I should start a regular blog practice because I’m a writer. It’s a big ol’ duh, right? But I can write about craft beer, traveling, restaurants, cities, and awesome experiences all day long. Yet, I never wanted to do more of what I already do for my blog. I didn’t want to write travel pieces (along I think I’m going to put together a bunch of “Best 72 Hour” itineraries, and probably 48 hour and 24 hour ones as well). I didn’t want to write chapters of my book and share because I know how important my first round of editing is because I write my first drafts in a very stream of consciousness way and they need a lot of reworking on the second pass. Which is why I’ve failed to keep my goal of publishing at least one book a year since releasing my first, Couple Friends, back in 2012.

But I think I’ve landed on it. I’m going to utilize this blog as checking in each day if I’m being the best version of me. That might sound like a pie-in-the-sky ideal every single day, but just the awareness that I want to be the best version of me as much as possible with plenty of room to be sad when something breaks my heart, or be angry when there are injustices happening, or be silly AF when I feel like it. I also think this daily check in will be a huge positive step for me. I can easily spiral when too many things go wrong altogether, even it’s something as silly as breaking two pairs of sunglasses in the same day (I seriously did that last week when I tipped my head back while wearing them on my head, about an hour apart. I was livid and went to the dollar store to buy 5 new pairs because I have to accept the fact that I break shit and lose shit constantly).

Even that last sentence brings me pause. Should I cuss in my blogs? Isn’t it the professional representation of me to some degree because this website is tied to my professional writing? I’ve decided that the best version of me cusses, and so therefore I will cuss on this blog.

I also have some big hurdles to clear in 2019, and I waft between being confident that I am on exactly the right path and investing my time, money and energy into the right things or feeling like I should start job hunting stat because I’m going to go broke in six months. Yet, those are just the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, so I am going to work through some of my personal and professional hurdles through this blog, too, all while still trying to be the best version of me during the good and the bad. I want to be fully awake and aware for the next chapter of my life, because I know that I sprinted through so much of my most meaningful periods that I honestly wish I would have been journaling every day since I could write. The buckets of content! The stories! The turns of phrases! I would do ANYTHING to have years and years of my journals to go through to mine for inspiration for future projects.

Some days, the best version of me is just an idea machine. Others, I get 25+ tasked knocked off my to-do list. Because that’s what part of this journey will be; me trying to ride that day’s wave or energy or whatever and roll with the punches and celebrate the wins and all while striving to be the best version of me for that particular day. Some days call for bravery, perhaps because you have to do some public speaking that day. Others call for wearing an adult onesie on the couch with fuzzy blankets and socks on and binge watching quality shows and not speaking to another soul. Regardless, I want to work on being present, being kind, and being open and at peace with whatever trials or successes happen. I hope you’ll join along.