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Improve Your Digital Presence and Bottom Line

I offer workshops and consulting as well as an auditing, planning, reporting and training package so organizations can own their digital strategy and utilize existing team members to become brand advocates, saving your company a lot of money, time, and effort. Contact me at shawndra@shawndrarussell.com or fill out the form below if you're interested in a workshop or consultation.

The Training Package:

Previously, we offered a digital management package for $1500 or more per month, or $18,000 per year. However, our new package costs nearly 75% less and will expand your digital presence and attract new customers, deepen the loyalty of existing customers, and encourage employee advocacy.

This package includes:

1. Audit of your existing digital presence and those of your top 3 competitors

2. Digital marketing plan with topics, channels to be used, schedule, and more

3. Training for one or more employees. Training includes:

  • Two assigned books that I taught for my social media college courses at Armstrong Atlantic State University, plus discussions and related assignments.    
  • Crash courses for each relevant social media channel, including best practices, efficiency tips, and other guidelines
  • Close monitoring of output for first 30 days with feedback regularly
  • Teaching how to create a monthly report to show growth, best performing content, and changes/adjustments needed
  • Live event coverage training (for conferences and other out-of-office events)
  • Instruction on creating social media ads, including Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Linkedin ads
  • Guidelines for getting staff engaged through their personal social accounts
  • Weekly monitoring for 30 additional days

Cost: Starting at $5000 + $500 advertising budget ($250 utilized per month for the first 60 days)

  • Full payment upfront receive 5% discount 

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